Time is moving slowly…

My health behavior change was made about two weeks ago for me, but I feel like it’s been so much longer. When I’m at home, I turn to Diet Dr Pepper to wake me up. Especially since I am not a coffee drinker, and it has become increasingly difficult to come up with a drink that can wake me up. My host mom has begun to sneak coffee into my morning smoothie, and it tastes great because she mixes it with other things. It does not work. I have even started drinking hot tea, in this hot humid weather. That does not work either. I’ve been fully reliant on getting up and going to the gym, and then the walk to school to wake me up.
Fruits and vegetable stands are everywhere. I love it. It makes it so simple, when I can just stop and grab some on the way home. Lucia knows that this is my change, and she has made sure to keep the fridge stocked. It’s truly inspiring. I get to enjoy one of my favorite things everyday and it’s so affordable here. We have tried all kinds of new fruits and vegetables here. They’ve got a such a variety. Drinking water has not been a problem here cause it’s normally super cheap, or it’s free. I can stop at one of the fruit stands, and grab a water with whatever I need and spend a euro or less. It’s awesome. I will make it, but I just have to ‘keep swimming’.
I think I am truly looking forward to figuring this out when I get back home. It is going to be a fight because my husband does not enjoy vegetables as much as I do, but the fruit aspect I think will be simple. I’m going to have to figure out ways to sneak them in…Shhhh he does not need to know. I might even try to make some of the recipes that Lucia has made, and that would be a great way to sneak them in!

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