Water Under the Bridge

It is hard to believe that I started this journey 21 days ago. Honestly, it has been a truly amazing journey. If you were to tell me a month ago that I would have reduced my sugary beverage intake and increased the amount of water I consumed, I would have thought you were crazy. At first, it seemed like I was climbing a mountain that never ended. Each obstacle was filled with desires to drink iced tea or lemonade. But every step along the way was a reminder of how far I had come. With each passing day, I came closer to achieving my goal.

This past week came with a lot of reflection. 21 days ago this health behavior change was more about winning a challenge than improving my health. I admit I had good intentions but they became clouded with the desire to prove myself wrong. I can see now that my previous attitude cannot sustain life long change because as the weeks progressed, the need to win quickly faded and all I was left with was a glass of water and no idea how to change my habit. That is when I started making small daily goals for myself to boost motivation. Anytime I craved a sweet drink, I made myself go outside for a walk and list the reasons why drinking more water and reducing my sugar intake was important. I remind myself of all the benefits I have gained so far in this journey such as clearer skin and less headaches. After my walks, I would drink a glass of water and it always hit the spot. My desire to drink other beverages quickly dissipated and I started to feel better mentally because my thoughts were not consumed with drinking lemonade and iced tea. This last week I did not drink a single sugary beverage. I only drank water! Now, this may not seem like a big accomplishment but for me this shows that perseverance and the right attitude leads to success.

This experience has taught me a lot about myself. It has also given me the motivation to change other areas of my life like cutting back on sugary foods altogether and making better diet options. This one small step has opened many doors to improve my overall health. Soon you might be reading a blog about my first half-marathon. Haha! We still have a long way to go before you see Belinda running any marathons but I know with the right mindset and proper goals, I can achieve any health change!

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