Come Get Your Tapas!

This past week was our last full week of adhering to our health behavior changes! Adhering to change has definitely been a challenge, especially being in Spain where there are so many pastries, tapas, gelato, and churro places just minutes away! Tapas in Spain are like small “snacks” that can be eaten as a snack or as a meal. These snacks are like mini sandwiches, pizzas, hotdogs, etc. I went to my first tapas restaurant called Cien Montaditos for lunch last Wednesday. I did not consider whether eating the tapas for lunch was considered a healthy snack choice or not, but I failed to adhere to my health behavior change by eating the potato chips that came with them.

I am not proud of my choice to break my health behavior change last Wednesday, but I am proud of the snack choice I made last Sunday when we went to our excursion to Ghandia beach. We had free time after visiting an amazing palace, and so a group of us walked around the city. A friend and I wanted some water and snacks so we went into a nearby fruit store. Although there are tons of tempting snack places all around Valencia, there are tons of fruit stores along the streets as well. I was very proud of my snack choice that day for getting water and an orange!


Reflecting back on my adherence to my health behavior change, I realize that stress and social surroundings impact my snacking choices. Although I must admit, I also just really like unhealthy snacks like chips and cookies. I guess I am just not used to eating healthy snacks. I feel like eating unhealthy snacks once in a while is fine, but I would like to change my snacking habits to incorporate more healthy snacks and less unhealthy ones into my diet. Working on a health behavior change for the past 3 weeks now has helped me realize what many patients may go through when they are told they need to make a health behavior change. Making a change is definitely a challenge, but I realized that as a future health care professional, I can make a lasting impact on my patients by just being encouraging and supportive of them every step of the way.


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