The Kid Inside

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We all have that moment. That point in time when you are doing something that is so fun (regardless of how uncool you may look) that the little kid in you comes back up again. That’s what working out this week felt like to me!

This week, I continued the trend of exploring and walking around (as per usual), but I built upon it also with a formal exercise in the rio and some good ol’ fashioned volleyball! I must have played for about 2 hours before we went home.

Now I know what you are thinking…Volleyball is fun and all, but it doesn’t seem like that much of a workout. You obviously haven’t seen me play it then. I am diving, chasing, running, jumping hitting, you name it I’m doing it. My host mom here in Spain won’t let me do anything after I get back because I am  literally covered in the sand no matter how hard I try to wash it off.

Then there is the adult playground that I went to in the rio. Let me tell you, this was fantastic. I had been meaning to go to it for the past couple weeks, but when I finally went I was impressed. I experienced the awkward (and exciting) discovery of pieces of equipment and what they are used for. I did some escalating monkey bars, pull-up-ish things, and did several other exercises such as push-ups and ab exercises.

As excited as I am now, this was a hard week to get motivated to exercise. Several of my friends are leaving after this next Wednesday to go back to the  United States, so I wanted to just hang out with them. I missed volleyball one day so I could do the workout in the rio. As hard as it was, I am glad I did it, as it taught me how to persevere and stick to my plan.

This is my last official blog post for this group, thank you for reading cuinspain!

By the way, these pictures below are some that I took from the rio yesterday! The one on the left has several items like a balance beam and a flat wooden surface, as well as pull up spots. The middle one is the escalating monkey bars, where I also did some hanging ab crunches. Finally, the third one was something that I thought looked like a sitting down pull up (?) but I am pretty sure I was doing that one wrong! Nevertheless, I enjoyed it a bunch!

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