Dew Evaporating on the Mountain

MD Chapstick

Well, almost 4 weeks have passed since I began this journey of change. Though difficulties popped up almost daily, I’m glad I chose to quit drinking soda. The change has been hard but good.

I had a good laugh this week when it occurred to me that I’ve been using my Mountain Dew chapstick from time to time while I’ve been here, I’ll let you decide if that’s considered cheating or not. (HAHA!)

I also recently made an interesting observation while drinking a sugary drink. Since I have refrained from drinking soda for the past few weeks now, my sugar intake has drastically decreased. When I sat down to study in a café a couple days ago I ordered a small frosted coffee beverage (similar to a Frappuccino but better). About halfway through drinking it I realized how sweet it tasted and felt like I had enough. I finished it anyway because of how delicious it tasted, but I realized that my body has started to adjust to the decreased sugar in my diet. I no longer crave sugary drinks quite as much as I used to. Times like these encourage me to stick with my choice in the long run, causing me to strongly consider maintaining this decision even after the time requirement for my class.

However, I know when I go back to work it will be difficult to do so. I often enjoy a Mountain Dew either on my break or with my lunch. In order to help, I plan to bring a water bottle with me to drink everyday I work this summer. My hope is that by drinking more water I will avoid drinking Mountain Dew during the times that I am simply thirsty. I also want to limit my sugary drink consumption to only 1 or 2 times a week. In times when it gets tough I want to remember my time here in Spain when I was successful at beginning this process of change.

So I’ll end with another encouraging lyric found in Jon Foreman’s song “You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are”:

Where we’re headed
Is a world apart
From where we started
We’ve come so far

I’ve come so far, so why not keep going? Similar to our trip last weekend, though I’m faced with a mountain looking like the left photo, I know there’s something beautiful waiting on the other side.

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