The Saga continues…

The health behavior change has been simple as I had hoped. I have been craving Diet Dr. Pepper something fierce; however, they do not have it here. I am not a fan of Coke, so I can just walk by those. I have come across Fanta Orange and Fanta Lemon, which those are a little harder to walk by. I almost gave into temptation, but I was with Ruth and was able to overcome the temptation.

The fruits and vegetables portion has been awesome. Lucia normally cooks with fresh fruits and veggies, and if she doesn’t we have been able to stop at a local fruit stand and grab one. I even made Lucia fried green tomatoes on Tuesday. I was thrilled with the results and she truly enjoyed them, and even shared them with her neighbor. I cannot tell any difference in my energy levels as I had hoped, but I will continue to push forward.

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