Got Water?

I never truly realized how much I love lemonade and iced tea until I had to limit how much I drank of it. Scratch that. I am fully addicted. There is no denying it. My thirst for those sugary drinks was so strong that I had a dream this past week that I was surrounded by pitchers of lemonade and bottles of Snapple raspberry iced tea. I think I have a problem!

I have been sticking to my new plan of breaking up my water consumption into small increments throughout the day. I drink 16 oz when I wake up, at lunchtime, 16 oz or more at dinner, and in between meals I drink 16 oz as well. As you can see that adds up to be about 80 ounces of water a day, which is well above the recommended amount. This is because I am an overachiever. I have set reminders on my phone to tell when it is time to drink water. This has been helpful especially on busy days. 

At the beginning of the second week it seemed that my cravings were getting stronger and the desire to change was slowly diminishing. With each sip of water I became more bitter towards this process. I began to lose sight of why I am doing this in the first place: to become a healthier version of myself. It is very difficult to remember our goals when we face adversity. I can understand know why people resort back to their old behavior. It is easy to do so. It does not require change or growth. But that is the sad part. I want to be healthier and make better decision when it comes to my diet and exercise but I am so comfortable with the status quo that it can sometimes be scary to quit. Before this change, I consumed so much iced tea and lemonade that my body is noticing a difference without it. With the increase in water consumption I have definitely noticed less headaches and more energy. Also, my skin is retaining more moisture and, not to be gross, my urine is actually clear! I know. I am a very weird individual. The cravings are still there and will be for awhile. But seeing these benefits increases my motivation to reduce my sugary beverage consumption. Now that it is the end of week three, the desire to drink lemonade has been replace with the motivation that I can do this. 

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