The Dew Makes the Mountain More Slippery

Climbing mountains brings many surprises, some good and some bad. (However, I don’t know that much from personal experience because western Ohio is flat and Wisconsin is only somewhat hilly.) On this mountain of mine, one surprise is how many days I’ve gone without drinking soda for energy, although siesta time has become a good replacement.

But not everyday of climbing was successful this past week. The rain came down on the “mountain”, both literally last Saturday on our excursion to the beach and more figuratively on Sunday when I was feeling very home sick and missing my friends. The amount of projects for class started to become overwhelming and when I attempted to meet up with a friend at a café we got lost and were unable to find each other. I needed to get out of the house, but I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I walked down the “rio”, a big walkway through the city where people walk, run, bike, hangout, party, etc. I still felt stressed out after walking for a while and thought about what else I could do to shake the feeling. That’s when thoughts of resorting to my bad habit began lingering in my head. I eventually made it to the mall where I shopped just a few days earlier. People crowded the main walkways since it was the weekend and the crowds just bothered me even more. I knew the location of the grocery store and I made my way toward it. That’s when it happened – I relapsed.


I wish I could say I was satisfied by drinking that soda, that it was just the thing I needed, but that was not the case. I think it actually made me feel worse. I still felt stressed, and now I didn’t adhere to my goal of going without soda, only contributing to my already down feeling. I should have made another attempt to meet up with people, but I just waited for the feeling to pass, neglecting the work I needed to do. Since then, things improved and my addiction remains unfed.

Sometimes we learn the most from our mistakes, and I think that’s what happened for me this week. I realized that it wasn’t worth drinking that soda, and so now I’m more determined to maintain my health behavior choice. So there’s still hope, there’s still a couple more weeks. And now I’ll be more vigilant in avoiding the patches of dew on the mountain that make it more slippery.

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