Adventure Is Out There!!



Last week, I talked about how my walking around town instead of public transportation was a way I was attempting to informally get the exercise I needed while living my normal, 1-shower-a-day life. One of the things I just continued to fall in love with this past week as well was exploring. To discover old buildings and new paths to normal routes is one of my favorite things to do here!

Whether it be walking an 45min long rout to the Oceanografico (a Seaworld-esqe place here in Spain) or an hour plus of walking and jogging to the beach from my house, I seem to have a knack for adventuring. And by adventuring…I usually mean getting lost. Which usually winds up with me doing, MORE WALKING!! Although it isn’t going to the gym, I still typically come back to the house with sore legs (not just feet) because of how much I walked and moved around.

In addition to the other cardio exercise I did this week, I was also able to engage in some volleyball hitting around and soccer minigames for about 40 minutes or so with some friends. I didn’t expect it to be all that hard, but I definitely felt my muscles pounding afterwards!

As far as weaknesses in this past week go, I must admit that it was harder to accomplish than I believed it to be. Due to the midterms (after two weeks, LOADS to cover) and normal social outings  I go on that usually have me walking pretty far, it was pretty hard to find time to workout structuredly.I am starting to see that it is easier for me to rely on walking than to engage in weight training.

Next week training I plan to use the various machines in the Rio and continue my adventure there. Remember, Adventure is out there!



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