Health Behavior Change-Christy

For my health behavior modification, I would like to have one fruit and one vegetable per day, as well as I want to avoid pop the remainder of the trip. I will be drinking water instead. I believe that this will help give me some energy and motivation to continue this behavioral change once I return home. I think this will be very simple because there are sufficient fruit and vegetable stands all around Valencia, and there are a lot of new fruits and vegetables that I might not have ever tried before.
The fruit and vegetable additions have been fairly simple because not only do I have an amazing host mom, but I have the opportunity of walking past several fruit stands on the way to and from school. Lucia has cooked every single meal since my arrival, and it has all been delicious. If there is not enough fruits and vegetables in her food I will be surprised because she has included several in every single meal. The super challenging portion of this will be to not drink pop. I love some diet Dr Pepper; however, they do not have that here. I think it’s a good thing they do not have it because I could have it every day and not even think a second thought about it. I do not like coke either so that is another positive thing about this challenge. Water is always refreshing, and it is available everywhere. I hope I am able to continue this trend for the remainder of the trip.

2 thoughts on “Health Behavior Change-Christy

  1. From my experience in Germany most all the water was carbonated, which was very different. Is this the case in Spain? If so, I feel that would make this goal much more difficult!


    • They do have water “con gas” but overall it’s often mineral water served in restaurants if you ask for agua. I think most of us drink it from the tap. It’s super hard so personally I bought a Brita filter!


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