Snacks Galore


It has been almost one week since I started my health behavior change here in Spain. For an assignment in my health behaviors and beliefs class, I decided to try changing my habit of eating unhealthy snacks such as chips and cookies to choosing healthier snack options such as fruits and nuts. I decided to make this change because I often go for unhealthy snacks rather than healthy ones because, in my opinion, they are tastier and more convenient to eat.

The first week was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Every time I wanted a snack, I had to think about whether it was healthy or not. For instance, when we went on our excursion to Teruel last Saturday, Isabel, who is like the administrative assistant for the school, bought some rosquillas for the group. Rosquillas look like sugar donuts but have a texture that is more like a soft cookie. It was hard because I knew they probably weren’t the healthiest snack and I did not want to refuse her offer. Before making this health behavior change, I would have gone all for it and tried some. However, I decided not to eat them. It helped that my classmates were there to keep me accountable. I realized that day that having supportive people around you to keep you accountable is very important and helpful in adhering to change.

Unfortunately, I am not very proud of the snack choices I made today. A couple of my classmates and I went to a big mall/supermarket in downtown Valencia called Carrefour. There was a booth that was selling snacks such as Turkish delights, baklava, and dried fruits. Without even thinking much about it, I ended up buying 2 baklavas and some cinnamon covered nuts. I did consider whether baklava would go against my health behavior change, but I rationalized in my head that it was technically not a cookie. However, I still am not proud of my choice because I did have the option of buying dried fruits that did not have added sugar in them. My first instinct is definitely not to go for healthy snacks, but I hope that working on this change for the next few weeks will help me change my snack habits and make healthier snack choices.


Turkish Delights and Cinnamon Covered Nuts

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