A Walk In the Park

Blog Picture 1For my health behavior change, I decided to choose exercising at least 3 times a week. I figured, like most of us, I could always exercise a bit more. It seemed like a relatively easy thing for me to do, a perceived “Walk in  the park”. Quick preview: it’s not; well at least not for me. I did one formal “planned” exercise where I put on running clothes, grabbed some headphones, and went running/jogging for about 45 minutes.

It was awesome; I was all sweaty, stinky, and manly and I felt like I had accomplished something. However, I ran (/jogged!) into the same problem I always bump into when I attempt routine exercise: the question of time placement.

You see, I enjoy doing a lot of things, and exploring my new-found home (Valencia, Spain for now!) by going to festivals, hanging out with people at cafes, or just generally exploring the city and getting a great view from an awesome tower are all things that I do just about every day here–minus maybe the festivals, that’s more like an every week thing here!

I have quickly discovered though that I don’t necessarily have to have a formal exercise every single time I count an exercise. For instance, I have many opportunities to take transit systems around the city (Bus, metro, tramvilla) or I can take about a 45-minute walk.

I frequently choose the walking method, partially because it’s free and I get to learn more about the layout of the city, but more importantly, because I can take a dedicated time to engage in a prolonged physical activity. And when I walk, it’s at a brisk pace that passes just about everyone else walking, weaving through traffic, and I genuinely work up a sweat by the time I get to my destination.

I have found that trying to find a block of time to dedicate to working out is quite difficult for me. It is much easier to work what I am doing into my schedule.

However, this  next week I am seeking to go beyond just a “walk in the park”, this week I will work on working out in the park and maintaining 3 formal workout days, in addition to the cardiovascular choices I have already been making. Stay tuned!



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